Mobile Penetration and Marketing

Worldwide mobile phone sales are growing in leaps and bounds, and there is a huge increase in the percentage of smartphone sales. The availability of reliable mobile data networks has encouraged mobile equipment manufacturers and service providers to develop and distribute low cost feature rich smartphone phones. Consumers are adopting smartphones for everyday use more than ever before and studies assert this increase in adoption to quality devices and fast, affordable data networks. The increased adoption of smartphones has converted the wireless environment into a viable marketing communication channel similar to internet, print or visual media.

Recent reports on smartphone sales in Gartner show that Android has made a huge leap to become the market leader in the smartphone world market followed by Symbian, iOS, Blackberry OS and Windows mobile. We know that Apple, even though a late entrant to the smartphone market space has truly become an innovation leader followed by Android. Blackberry’s market presence is mostly focused in the corporate space. Windows on the other hand is slowly making a market presence and this might get a boost with Nokia’s move that pretty much abandons Symbian OS for window’s mobile platform. With the advancement in innovations and increased adoption of smartphones, feature phones are slowly phasing out, but still it will be quite a while before they become obsolete.

The increase in mobile phone adoptions makes perfect business case for organizations to make their presence in the mobile space. This development has opened the doors for the organizations to use mobile space as a marketing medium to reach customers directly. An organization’s strategy to reach its targeted consumers can be as varied as building a mobile application to using other mobile apps as vehicles.

There is no second question or thought on smartphone adoptions but organizations or marketing agencies should not be carried away with the idea of only focusing on smartphones, as the smartphone worldwide distribution is uneven. There is a large global feature phone consumer base, so depending on the target market there should be consideration towards this market too. It might be easier to capture consumer attention but the challenge, for the organizations or the marketing agencies, lies in keeping consumers engaged within a small real estate? Customers can be reached by means varying from a simple SMS to a rich interactive user experience. Marketing strategies should include feature and smartphones, with consideration to the target market.

The other areas that should be covered when strategizing mobile market presence are: smartphone application development, mobile commerce opportunities, permission marketing, mobile enterprise application, mobile content management and social network integration.

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