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How to get consumer attention in a market filled with zillion products? Effective marketing is the best way to get consumer attention – easier said than done! Marketing is just not just having a large marketing team or hiring agencies that would build a run-on the mill traditional plan and go berserk on mass media. It is more than that, it is the ability to package: the core idea of the product, identifying the core market and using right medium to reach that market with a well defined clear message.

Ideas, good or bad are dime a dozen, but the challenge is in the productization (not a word, yet) of the idea. When all stars line-up, and when the idea productized, multiple groups or individuals with different vested interest get involved in the process and the idea of solving a simple problem usually turns out to be a complex product that tries to do multiple things. Now, when the product is blessed for launch, the problem starts: what is the go-to market strategy and what is the marketing message? Everyone wants a say (engineering, sales, marketing, PR etc…)

An ideal situation would be: not only having a control over the productization process but also the marketing team and the company leadership collaborating to choose the right messaging mediums and crafting a simple message to reach the target market. Due to lack of major problems to solve, most of the new products end up in competition to an existing product. In the rat race to exceed the value of an existing product, the new product or enhanced product is filled with features that can either be confusing or may not be of value to the end consumers. In order to reach more customers the product is also mass marketed and the marketing message tries to tout each and every feature of the product – ultimately confusing the consumer rather than helping. In this new age, it must not be forgotten there is less and less scope for mass products, since large conglomerates and companies have taken that space and are having their own price wars to get customer attention.

The smartness of product developers lies in effectively using the results derived from SWOT or competitive analysis as a guide rather than a motivation tool to cover the gaps or weaknesses. Instead of spending time to fill in the gaps, the focus should be on refining the target market definition and improving the on product strengths for that market. The goal should be to develop a product that solves a focused problem, and not develop a cluttered product that says it can solve the problem X and by the way it can not only solve problems A, B, C but also E, G and M. Intention should be to help the niche market consumers solve the problem with the product and crafting a simple message that would exactly say how the product will solve for the problem.

Will cover “how to craft a marketing message” in a follow-up blog…

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